The Rolling Stones finally made it in

“Start Me Up” Wins Gold  after 30 Years.
(use Rolling Stones 50th anniversary as header pic)
With the Olympics just about complete our readers have written me many questions. Even some nothing to do with music; of course I’ll do my best to pacify our readers.
First, why the sand doesn’t stick to the beach volleyball players? Is it magic? When I go to the beach sand sticks to me like fly paper!
The reason why it doesn’t stick to the athletes is because they use different sand than at the beach. The International Volleyball Federation approves special sand at the Olympics. The sand is designed not to stick to your skin regardless of perspiration.
 A big congrats to the Women’s Beach Volleyball winners in London for winning gold and silver medals!
(pic of women’s volleyball winners)
 Competition for the music used for Olympic commercials had some interesting representatives. Primal Scream’s “Loaded”, produced by Rolling Stones former producer of Beggars Banquet, Jimmy Miller clearly used the same tempo as “Sympathy for the Devil” throughout the song. Is tempo considered a sample?
(Primal Scream Photo)

Also, David Bowie’s, “Heroes” competed in the pack with his play coming from Olympic coverage by the BBC.
(Bowie Photo)

But the song that received the most commercial airplay was “Start Me Up” from the Rolling Stones for Omega, the official timekeeper of the Olympics! Instead of playing the straight track they used a brilliant remix by Don Was. Sure hope it will be available for download, it’s amazing! I just love when there’s vigor put back into a song that came out over 30 years ago; a most audacious way for the Stones to celebrate their 50th anniversary. As I see it the Rolling Stones got paid for  “Start Me Up”, not bad for not doing any work. We know what happened to The Verve in 1998 when they sampled an orchestration version of “The Last Time” for their signature song “Bittersweet Sympathy” and Nike used it for their Olympic ads the Stones organization “had their hands out”.
(Rolling Stones Black & White Photo)

Just released was an EDM bootleg version of “Start Me Up” which is spectacular. Remember, “You make a grown man cry”!

Forbes magazine last week released the highest paid D.J’s of the EDM generation. To my surprise Deadmau5 did not make it into the top 5. He was beat out by Tiesto, Skrillex, Swedish House and David Guetta with a mere yearly draw of $11.5 million. This probably doesn’t include his branding of Puma, which he sports when he’s wearing his “Mau5 Head”. I’m intrigued that the fans of EDM have no problems with artist that sign up for corporate sponsorships. Evidently, the demographic of 16 to 25 don’t care as long as the music drives them crazy.
Deadmau5’ real name is Joel Zimmerman and he was born in Toronto, Canada; and is currently selling official “Deadmau5” masks for over $250 on Ebay; and for your information one size fits all heads.
(pic of guy wearing the red mau5head)
 I’m sure during the Halloween season they sell like crazy! Mr. Zimmerman did have a contest for someone who designed a new “Mau5head” for him to wear at concerts. The winner had the infamous mask look like a hunk of Swiss cheese!
(use pic of deadmau5 logo made of cheese)
Deadmau5 announced recently at a festival in Europe that he will be retiring his “Rubik’s Cube”, which was his stage signature piece at live appearances. He recently told fans on Facebook that he will no longer tour with the “mousecube” and that his last performance standing on the “cube” will be epic. How much do you think this prop will garner on ebay?
(Pic of Deadmau5 Rubik’s cube)
I simply love this performance in his hometown, Toronto where he begins with “Professional Griefers” and goes into “Ghosts N’ Stuff”. Absolutely daft!
Jefferson A. Laufer


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