Beware of elephants

                        Beware of Elliphants
Hey boys and girls   Elliphant  “In the Jungle”…. It’s new and it’s from Sweden and no one is giving up any other information.  Sweden is really becoming the electronica capital of the world.  The video features a child riding in a market-shopping cart while being escorted by the police whom are fended off by a group of men dressed up as Santa Clauses (I haven’t lost my mind). The shopping cart stops at a park where the kid prepares to fight a tiger. At this time you hear sampled the beginning of “Eye of the Tiger” from Survivor. This song was used in the film Rocky III . With a name like this you know they are going to be big. … After a while you just want pop music to be a bit of a racket. Let Elliphant bring the noise…
The video is directed by Bill Schumacher and you know that electronica fans Will go to this “like pigs to corn”.

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