Graduation 2012

                          Graduation 2012
After their mega smash “We Are Young” (it had 1.8 million downloads!) the band fun has the opportunity for equal success. Their new track “Some Nights” has every sign of being even bigger. Again, their signature lush sound is evident but I feel they’ve won the hearts and minds of a bigger audience. “Some Nights” has a message to say about the emancipation one feels when they mature. I believe this track will become the anthem for the graduating classes of 2012. It has a lyrical quality unlike most songs. They don’t sing about tired-ass topics like other songs. There’s depth and its “marching band” drums propel conviction that you’d expect from a veteran songwriter.
After reading more about the band fun I learned that they are not as young as one may think and they don’t take their success for granted.  Leader and spokesman, Nate Ruess, appears to be a very humble young man of 30 who claims his musical influences are Elton John and Queen. They got their name by “googling” the word “Fun” and what came back were go-kart racing and a Swedish death metal band; so they decided to use the lower case “f” instead of a capital “F”. So for practical purposes the band simply goes by the name “fun”.
“We Are Young” was such a big record that it was the first “alternative” track to hit #1 on Billboards chart since Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” in 2008.
I fell in love with the acoustic version of “We Are Young” with Ms. Janelle Mon’ae. Nate Ruess’s vocals are absolutely incredible and sing with incredible confidence.
I simply love the song “Some Nights”, because it has a message of vigor and righteousness without sounding like a lecture from a Sunday sermon. The drums resonate inside of you as if you are heading into a battle. The meaning of this song is to go forward in your life and bypass the obstacles that stand in your way. Nate Ruess has an incredible vocal range and the “swagger” to be a big rock star.
 Fun’s music is perfect for graduation classes because it’s so inspirational. When I graduated high school are song was “Schools Out ”;big
difference in messages.

 Best of wishes for the graduating class of 2012!

Jefferson A. Laufer



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