Run Boy Run

                                          Run Boy Run
French video director Yoann Lemoine has not only made some of the best musical videos I’ve ever seen but now he has formed his own band, Woodkid. It’s an interesting path he’s taken since it’s usually the musical artist that later becomes a video director. His music is compelling; especially his recent track “Run Boy Run”. It resonates with African drumbeats for the first minute and a half and then rests into a beautiful melody.  I think the Blue Man Group supplied the beats? The video is pure genius with his black and white topography and the use of a young boy running to the Emerald City, bypassing chasing monsters and morphs into a
Viking warrior.
Woodkid’s first track “Iron” has over 13 million hits, which are attributed to the remix used in the video game “Assassins Creed”. Like “Run Kid Run” it uses interesting beats but doesn’t have the melody strength and visually it just comes off as being pretentious video effects.
Nonetheless, I applaud Lemoine for successfully launching an interesting musical career.

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