Jefferson Laufer

At 16 years old Jefferson A. Laufer had a life changing experience. He went to his first rock concert and saw Jimi Hendrix perform. Perhaps it was divine intervention or a an epiphany of  a revelatory manifestation. Either way,  it was a life changing experience. After receiving a degree at U.C. San Diego he sought his calling to get into the record business. To his fortune he had worked himself “up the food chain” and started to do promotion in Los Angeles for Atlantic Records. As an eager young turk he was assigned artists AC/DC and Genesis to name a few. These artists were new and his labor brought them  public notoriety.
As the years that followed, Jefferson was able to promote and market many artists that had changed  social culture through the power of music. Yes there was the disco era but  simultaneously he found his strongest ability in marketing rock music. His list of clients were bountiful and this is where he found his strongest successes.
His tenure had lasted a whopping 27 glorious years and during this time he had been recognized by his peers and artists for his abilities.
With the emergence of the internet and satellite radio the playing field has changed drastically; but within his ethos he had the life experiences and memories that are still important in modern culture. Music styles and genres have all grown, morphed or become extinct yet Jefferson still has the passion to share the stories behind the music. His current role as journalist for is his platform to write and analyze the importance of music in our daily lives.



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