Stogies n Art

Stogies & Art
by:  Emerson Dameron
Downtown Los Angeles is where weirdo Angelenos take refuge from LA stereotypes. Should you grow weary of health-conscious, self-pampering, forward-thinking mega-capitalists, check out this insulated fiefdom of Macanudos and cheesy pop art. The proprietors of 2nd Street Cigar Lounge & Gallery make no efforts to fit in–this place caters solely to the tastes of its ownership and subsists on a core clientele of stogie-puffing Scarface wannabes and curious passersby. If, say, Chicago is “a city of neighborhoods,” Los Angeles is a city of self-contained worlds like this one, and 2nd Street does old-school manliness as well as Jefferson Park ever did.
Emerson Dameron



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