Dr. Hyde Meets Mr. Beast

Dr. Hyde Meets Mr. Beast

As always in our website we like to introduce bands that we think are great for our clubhouse viewers. We’ve picked some wonderful bands and many of them have enjoyed uncompromising success. We picked The Lumineers,who’s album has just gone gold. Churchill from Denver who are kicking ass throughout their tour of the West Coast and finally from San Diego, Little Hurricane; you can’t help but love all these groups. They are all ground breaking and are creating a musical freeway that is spreading like wildfire across the Atlantic – in England and Europe.

We are now going to introduce you to a band from across the Atlantic. The band is from London and their name is Hyde& Beast.

Dave Hyde (Hyde), was the drummer from the band Futureheads and Neil Bassett(Beast) was the drummer from the band Golden Virgins. By divine intervention they got together and recorded a magnificent album by accident,“Slow Down”.

Our correspondent in Britain, who goes by the name “Moonie”, had told me that I find absolutely compelling. She inferred that the current music genre of indie rock is going through a retro morphing into a more 70’s vibe. If you can imagine a genetic recombination of Squeeze meets Tom Petty meets Marc Bolan you’d be forming a band that is so captivating.

That band is Hyde & Beast!

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=pJFpDJvNyFc

Their music captures a sonic adventurism and kaleidoscopic sound from the late 60’s and 70’s with a pastiche of the greats of that era. It’s where the scene is entering the “way-back” machine that has shed the likes of EMO and Indie Rock.

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=bpFDZOlVP_

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=t6ZAL0KaMwI

The project started when Hyde had turned up at Beast’s studio to play a track he had written. There was great “simpatico” and they began recording an album that they would personally enjoy. Their songs are romantic and speak of unadulterated love and their friends urged them to release it and it seemed absolutely perfect. They claim that their motivation’s our Captain Beefheart and Velvet Underground and of course T-Rex.

Jefferson A. Laufer


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