Mingo’s Room of Voices

Mingo’s Room of Voices
Paladino’s 02/07/2013

I received a notice from Paladino’s on Facebook of a spur of the moment show for a band called Room of Voices. I checked them out on Youtube and decided to go and check them out. And I am so glad I did!
Before the show, I was sitting at my table when the legendary drummer of the band, Mingo Lewis, sat down beside me and we had a great conversation about music. This man know his music. How could he not? He has played, recorded and played with such legends as Chick Corea, Santana, Billy Joel and Miles Davis!
Together with the lovely Karissa Ssapien on synthesizers, percussion, lead and backup vocals, the music took me out of the club and into their world of sonic spirituality , groovy funk and memorizing trance. At times, I closed my eyes and floated through Room of Voices beautiful melodies and rhythms.
Do your soul a favor, go see, feel, listen and experience Mingos Room of Voices! For more info, check out thier Facebook page


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