Victory Variety Hour Burlesque

The Victory Variety Hour Burlesque Show
@ Skinnys Lounge

This was my second time attending the sensual and delightfully risque show. And to let you know right up front, these ladies have dangerous curves, tattoos, and plenty of sassiness!
The lovely and gracious Penny Starr Jr. leads this talented sexy group. Gary Shapiro is the show’s MC. His rapid fire humor often caught me off guard, but the shock to my system never failed to produce true laughter.
Personal pride and professionalism showed the love and dedication each and every performer had for their presentation.
A personal highlight for me was Catfish. His down and dirty blues harmonica playing had my foot tapping and the crowd clapping along in time.
I must mention one other standout performance..Mercury Troy. I cannot describe it..but what she did..left me haunted. THANK YOU!
So if you want beautiful women, great music and original comedy..go see The Victory Variety Hour’s show!!! I look forward to the next experience!

Victory Variety Hour website –
Victory Variety Hour on Facebook –!/groups/49768869794/
Catfish website –
Skinny’s Lounge –
Shutter To Think Photography –


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