Best underrated destinations in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is one of the most popular destinations in the entire United States.  Visitors come to the City of Angels and the surrounding area yearly to experience a number of things including the beaches, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Disneyland, and any of the many other attractions that can be found there.  While all these things, and much more, have long been popular attractions for travelers, there are also a great many attractions that get overshadowed by the more famous things to see and do in the Los Angeles area.

Here is a look at some of the attractions in Los Angeles you might overlook, but would make great places to go.
The Grove

The grove

One of the most underrated, but well equipped, shopping areas in Los Angeles is The Grove

.  This area is extremely popular during Christmas, but is also great for shopping year round.    A number of upscale stores can be found at The Grove and shopping at them allows people to purchase the types of things that those that enjoy the finer things usually do.  There is a nice mix of high end stores, restaurants, cafes, chain stores, and a very popular farmer’s market located there. It is a must for people who enjoy shopping.
Topanga State Park

Topanga State park

One of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors and still be very near the metropolis of Los Angeles is to visit Topanga State Park.  The park is located in the Santa Monica Mountains and covers nearly 9,000 acres of land.  There are over 35 miles of hiking trails in the park available for hikers of all abilities.  A fun time can be had by many different people with a trip to Topanga State Park.
Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie Museum

One of the more unique museums in the Los Angeles area is the Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie Museum.  This museum details the history of lingerie, with many antique examples on display as well as recently made recreations.  There is even a section displaying lingerie worn by famous stars including Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, and Marilyn Monroe.
Point Fermin Park

One of the nicest relaxing places for couples and young families is Point Fermin Park.  The park sits on a point overlooking part of Los Angeles harbor and is a great place for picnicking and playing on the grass.  The views are wonderful and it is a great place to take some of the nicest scenic pictures on the Los Angeles coast.
Craft & Folk Art Museum

This small museum is well equipped to detail the history of crafts and folk art.  The examples on display are not just from Southern California or the United States, they come from around the world.  It is very interesting to see up close the detailed work that goes into some of the crafts on display.  Comparing the styles of craft from one part of the world to another can be very interesting and eye opening as well. Every week they also have some special craft activities for kids, it is worth a visit. Inquire within for more information or subscribe to their newsletter.
Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits

There is nothing anywhere that compares with a visit to the La Brea Tar Pits.  This unusual natural area that is surrounded by urban development features a small museum dedicated to the famous tar pits found there.  One of the most exciting sights in the facility are the many areas where tar actually bubbles up into pools of the material.  This is a great place for both adults and children of any age.
Petersen Automotive Museum

A very interesting museum in Los Angeles, that appeals to both car enthusiasts and those that are not, is the Petersen Automotive Museum.  The museum was founded by Robert Petersen who among other things was the publisher of both Hot Rod and Motortrend Magazine.  There are more than 200 automobiles on display, including some of the most rare and experimental vehicles ever made.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum

A fantastic stop for anyone interested in history, but specifically maritime history, is the Los Angeles Maritime Museum.  An added bonus to those watching their travel dollars is that this is a free museum to visit.  There are a number of life-size displays, as well as scale models of many famous ships.  The museum even looks into the history and mechanics of deep sea diving.
Sunset Boulevard

This famous street is not visited as much as it once was but offers a great look at several different sides of the city of Los Angeles.  Sunset Boulevard links the urban areas of downtown Hollywood to the incredible residences and neighborhoods of Beverly Hills.  Along the way, visitors can view many famous businesses, homes, and parks.  For a great time, a drive can be taken on Sunset Boulevard from downtown Los Angeles through Hollywood and Beverly Hills and on to the upscale oceanfront area of Malibu.
Garment District

Los Angeles is a shopper’s paradise with a number of popular places to shop including Wilshire Blvd., Rodeo Drive, Glendale Galleria, and more.  One of the more overlooked shopping destinations in town though is the Garment District in downtown Los Angeles.  The prices visitors pay for garments and fabric in the Garment District is far less than what they would pay for what is virtually the same thing in some of the more upscale areas.  For those interested in sewing or design, the Garment District is one of the best places in America to purchase the raw materials needed.
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While there are many more popular and famous attractions in the Los Angeles area, mixing in some of the little known ones listed above is a great way to make your vacation something unique and unlike the vacations to the area that are taken by everyone else.  Sometimes the most special times a couple or family has is when they come across an attraction or activity that they would have never dreamed about seeing or doing, but that they absolutely love just the same.  Los Angeles is filled with wonderful and famous attractions, this is a large part of the reason that millions of people go there every year, but the city and the surrounding area are also home to many lesser known things to do that are equally fun, exciting, interesting, and even thrilling.  On your next visit to Los Angeles, don’t forget to go off the beaten path for some of your enjoyment too.


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